"I have been getting Massage Cupping for the past year with Lori and have become addicted to the process. Although Lori is amazing at Deep Tissue this feels like it gets deeper into the muscles. I also feel I can maximize her time because she can place the cups  on one area and let them do their work while she concentrates on another part of my body with her hands. When I began, I was left with dark red spots that were painless but looked dreadful.  Lori explained that the discoloration was due to stagnation. Now, after several months of treatments, I have far fewer dark marks, which indicates to me that the toxins are leaving my body. This is not a relaxing process. If you are looking for a relaxing massage then I would not try this. However, if you use your massage to help your muscles recover from taxing exercise then I say go for it!  You might just get hooked!" - Westwood, MA


"Over the past few months, I have had issues of lower back pain, a stiff neck, etc.  The same aches and pains we all get as we get older (oh, the joys).  What I have found has helped me the most has been Massage Cupping.  I had cupping before when I went to Acupuncture, so I was familiar with the process, etc.  The cupping that Lori does, which is a little different than when I went to acupuncture, really gets down to the core of the problem. I find that I feel so much better after I've had it done.  It does leave circles on your skin for a few days, so I wouldn't consider it if I was going to get into a bathing suit or backless dress (those days are over for me), but otherwise, I have been having the cupping done each time I've gone in. It really does the trick!" - Dedham, MA


"Over the past 11 years, Lori's therapeutic massages have soothed my aches and pains. I always look forward to my time with her! Lori's skill and knowledge have taught me to pay attention to my body and be aware of daily stresses which can affect muscles, nerves and overall well being. Lori has also taught me stretches and exercises to maintain mobility and decrease pain. With a sense of humor and talented touch, Lori makes my day!" - Dedham, MA


"As an avid runner, my muscles, bones and joints take a constant pounding.  I am so lucky to have found Lori nearly 9 years ago.  Whether I feel that I am bordering on an injury, or just feel out of wack, she has always been able to figure out where my tightness is coming from, alleviate the pain, and get me back on track.  Lori is truly a healer and am convinced that without her I would not have been able to train and run 7 marathons." - Westwood, MA


"I have been getting help from Lori for more than 6 years! My daughter and son have been helped immensely by her too! I have been lucky enough to have tried massage therapy from others (including the famous Thai massages) and NOTHING compares with Lori's precise and focused deep tissue massage. Three in my family feel the same! She knows every muscle and can target stressed out muscles immediately. Without her massage, therapy combined with recommendations for appropriate stretches, I am much less pain free and can enjoy life a lot more!" - Brookline, MA


"My relationship with Lori has been over several years as she supports, guides and often instructs me to use my body more efficiently and purposefully.  She has spoiled me forever regarding any massages at resorts and spas.  I have yet to find a match and honestly don't even go there as I know I will be disappointed.  Her professional approach is a welcome for both newcomers and the frequent fliers.  You can count on her professionalism and competency.  Sometimes it's a " I just need to melt away" and at other times it's, "ok Lori, let's go for it and get this hip back in action"...Give it a try - you won't be disappointed!" - Westwood, MA


"I have been seeing Lori Bisbano for Muscular Therapy for 15 years. I have ongoing issues with plantar fasciitis and an old neck injury, which she has helped me manage.  She takes a personal interest in her clients, and keeps herself at the top of her field by continuing her education whenever possible. The fact that I have been a client since my first massage with Lori is testament that she is the very best. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a quality muscular therapist." - Medfield, MA

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